Insect Frass
Produced in Denmark

Bugfarm produces mealworms to convert them into protein-rich foods. As a by-product, this results in a unique and extremely environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Our protein food is called Falkensteen. 

To read more about the food, go to our website here: Falkensteen

Here’s why we are dedicated to do it:

The demand for food of animal origin is rising globally and is expected to increase by 70–80% between 2012 and 2050

Currently, the livestock sector uses about 70% of all agricultural land and is responsible for about 15% of the total emission of anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG).
The following is the comparative effect of mealworms and livestock on the environment, presented as water footprint per edible ton, global warming potential (GWP) for each 1 kg edible portion, and land use for each 1 kg edible portion.
Global warming potential (GWP) for each 1 kg edible portion
Bugfarm Global warming potential (GWP) for each 1 kg edible portion,
Land use for each 1 kg edible portion
Bugfarm landuse
Water footprint per edible ton
Bugfarm Water footprint per edible ton

Expansion of agricultural
acreage by land clearing
is a major source of
GHG emissions and one of
the largest contributors
to global warming.

Nutritional values and sustainability of mealworms and conventional food/feed

The nutritional value of a 100 g edible portion of mealworms compared with various livestock meats


Energy 200x200 (3)




Healthy living

Bugfarm healthy living

The environmental impact of mealworm farming is one of the major assets when producing the frass.

Unlike traditional livestock production edible insect production generates 100 times less greenhouse gases, but provides the same amount of protein.


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